Course: Data Driven Business Lab

Boost your career with applied data skills

You don’t need to be an ICT specialist to see the impact technology has on the way we work. In an ever-changing world, you must keep learning to stay ahead and up to date in your profession. Our Accelerate-IT course Data Driven Business Lab is designed for you if you have ambitions to make data part of your skill set. Whether you are a professional who wants to switch work fields or upgrade/enhance your current skillset, this 18-week program sets you on the road to becoming a data-driven professional. The programme offers a lot of freedom in personalising the content and learning pathway to be followed.

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Start moment: September

Costs: €1067,-

Duration: 18 weeks

You will be on site for 1 day; in addition, self-study is expected.

Gain essential data application skills

Data Driven Business Lab is a one-day-a-week program where you work in a learning environment with students, researchers, and partner companies on applied projects, learning basic data application and analysis skills in practice. What sets this program apart is that you end up with both knowledge and experience to boost your career. This includes skills like:

  • Cleaning up data and preparing it for analysis (Using languages such as Python, SQL, Power Query)
  • modelling and visualization (Power BI, Tableau)
  • basics of IT architecture, machine learning, large language models, and artificial intelligence.
  • Experience for yourself what is involved in an IT project (Scrum, methodologies, project management)

The actual topics, tools and languages can be tailored to individual learning needs.

Suitable for retraining/upgrading and upskilling.

Organisations in the Brainport region are eagerly looking for new talent or professionals who can help them on the path to digitalisation. While previous IT experience is helpful, our program is suitable for anyone with the ambition to work with data. The course can be tailored to your individual needs. For example, you can take a business challenge with you.

Why choose Accelerate-IT?

  • Learning together in Shared Learning Teams.
  • Work on the practical application of your skills in a project.
  • Experiment and explore based on your needs/interests.
  • Full program in 18 weeks, 1 day per week
  • Combine theory with hands-on experience.

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