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The Digital Twin Academy

For the Digital Twin Academy (EUreg research project) the Fontys HTES research group created the ‘Strawberry Fields’ project. The project consists of two learning modules. One module to explain some of the concepts of digital twinning and the business opportunities for digital twinning within the agricultural domain, the other module containing practical tutorials on how to build a simple digital twin of a Strawberry plant in form of a dashboard using a low-cost sensor for data capturing. The tutorials explain the process of capturing and cleaning data and representing it in the form of data visualisations, 3D, and using it in an augmented reality web-app. Furthermore, it is explained how one could extend the dashboard with a machine learning algorithm to predict the ripeness of the strawberry fruits.

These modules and other learning materials canb be found here:

DTA learning modules

The source code of the Strawberry project can be found here:

Git Repo

The Strawberry fields also part of the DTA EMR youtube channel:

EMR DTA on YouTube

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