Innovations Insight 2021
Student Projects Showcase

Innovations Insight is the ultimate moment when our students show you what they've been doing at the Fontys ICT InnovationLab during this semester. They present you with their research projects. These project presentations are accessible to a wider audience.

Students will share their work and results and share their experiences about the process. Students collaborate with professionals and researchers during their projects to develop innovative solutions to practical questions from their work field. Solutions directly applicable to practice.

Innovations Insight 2021

This edition took place online.

When: June, 24th
What time: 9.15 am – 12.15 pm
Where: online

Digital Twinning - Session by Teade Punter

The highest new entry on the ‘ICT Hype Parade’ is Digital Twinning. In high-tech, healthcare and the chemical industry, Digital Twins are the talk of the town.

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ICT & Business 16 projects
ICT & Media Design 3 projects
ICT & Open Learning/Innovation 22 projects
ICT & Software Engineering 8 projects
ICT & Technology 11 projects
Minor Data Driven Business Lab 9 projects
Minor Digital Marketing 12 projects