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Accelerate IT:
Shortened courses for professionals

Learning with colleagues pays off

If you invest in your teams, you naturally want results. With Fontys ICT college courses, your employees will stay up-to-date in the ever-changing ICT world. The course provides employees with in-depth knowledge, a professional network, practical experience, personal growth and enhanced career opportunities. Bring your colleagues and your own practical case!


You follow the Data Driven Business Lab and AI for Society courses in Eindhoven at StrijpT. In 18 weeks, 1 day a week, you will gain knowledge and practical experience. The cost for this course is € 1,067 (VAT exempt). Experience in IT is welcome but certainly not required. The Generative AI course lasts one or two days (in consultation) and costs € 216 per participant per day.

Data Driven Business Lab

Boost your career with applied data skills. You don’t need to be an ICT specialist to see the impact technology has on the way we work. In an ever-changing world, you must keep learning to stay ahead and up to date in your profession.

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AI For Society

Boost your career with AI skills. This course will prepare you for a future with AI, where you not only speak and understand the AI language, but where you can use you combined expertise to see possibilities for innovations with added value.

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Discover generative AI: One- or two-day course for professionals

Step into the world of generative AI with our one- or two-day course, specially designed for professionals who want to embrace the power of AI tools and integrate them into their daily work. Whether you come independently or with colleagues and want to bring in your own case study, this course offers a perfect balance of theory and practice. There is a new intake opportunity every month, so you can register at your convenience.

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Why join one of these courses from Fontys ICT as a company?

  • Upgrading current staff: existing staff improve their skills in AI, digitalisation and data-driven working.
  • AI Integration: Employees learn how to integrate AI into their daily work. This leads to more efficient processes and better decision-making.
  • Collaboration and networking: The programme offers companies the chance to cooperate with Fontys ICT and other participating companies. This creates valuable networking opportunities and knowledge sharing

In short, the programme allows companies to train and empower their workforce, while contributing to the ecosystem of the Brainport region and beyond.

More information or specific requests?

As a company, do you have a specific challenge or would you like to combine elements from different programmes? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Connecting to the needs of companies in the Brainport region

"Our ambition is to support professionals in the transition to AI, digitalisation and data-driven working. We offer courses for employees and job seekers to gain knowledge and practical experience. This enables companies to make staff more data-driven or integrate AI. Job seekers are better able to enter this field, while professionals can take targeted training to improve their skills. We have found that professionals are very keen to develop, but time is the biggest stumbling block. With this 18-week programme, we offer customisation to this target group and contribute to the Brainport ecosystem."

Joris van der Straten - Programme Manager

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