Enhanced Reality & VR

Enhanced Reality and VR have made an integration of the digital and real world possible, with far reaching consequences for disciplines such as game design. Originally the domain of entertainment, virtual technologies are applied in fields as diverse as retail, health and education. Digital worlds make long-distance interaction and working remotely easily accessible and are changing how we live and work. As a knowledge institute in IT, Fontys has a long track record in applied research and prototyping of game and VR applications with our partners.

New possibilities of digital worlds

Imagine being able to remotely monitor equipment and processes, with a real-life representation through digital twinning. We can train first responders in simulations that are almost impossible to distinguish from reality, but also allow students to engage with virtual environments to learn in practice. New ways to interact, engage and connect with the environment, tools and systems we use, but also with each other. There is clear evidence that games and digital realities have the power to change how we do things. What will be the next step?

In our Fontys ICT InnovationLab, students and researchers work with partners and experts on finding the next possibility in applying new digital technologies. This is done through co-creation and cooperation on applied research from the work field. More and more, we see a demand for virtual and augmented reality solutions. Within our minor XR Design and affiliate programs, we explore applications for social and health situations, but even for use in  fields as diverse as retail and musea to manufacturing. We’ve only just started exploring the possibilities of digital worlds, digital twinning and game design. Together, we create a future of digital worlds that enrich and enhance our reality.

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Sjoerd de Man Coordinator