Robots already fulfil vital roles in various industries and in our society, to keep processes going and to help people. Yet, there is so much more that can be done, particularly as new technologies emerge that can enhance and improve the possibilities robotics offer us. Think of modeling their decision logic, artificial intelligence or even remote control through enhanced or virtual realities and other innovations in human-machine interactions.

Exploring the future of robotics

And these developments open wholly new perspectives on where and for what robotics can be applied, which is something Fontys ICT works on frequently. We’ve worked on agriculture and transport robots, as well as on the application of social robots in healthcare, delivery robots, self-guided robots for military/rescue operations, and a real robotlab for chemistry. Thanks to our ability to quickly engage in projects, that lead to well-developed concepts and rapid prototyping, we can support our partners with original innovations and ideas to further advance automatization in their processes.

We have been developed in the advancement of robotics for years and have the experience and knowledge to apply this background to any new practical challenge. Exploratory or developing new ways in which robotics promote a safer and better society for people and planet. As we see it, the best is yet to come in robotics applications, and we’re here to help our partners achieve their goals, while training the next generation of robotics and allied technology experts. 

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Joeri van Belle Coordinator