AI & Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology, that utilizes big data in novel ways in order to automate processes, increase effect and efficiency and enhance processes where predictability can make a large impact. In the Fontys ICT InnovationLab, various researchers, students and partners work on AI and big data related projects, where we challenge the possibilities and range of applications of machine learning, deep learning and data management.

AI for a positive impact

Think of applications in health care, where explainable AI shows significant potential, in wildlife management by measuring biodiversity through object detection models or predicting movement and patterns based on (incomplete) data sets. Automated driving, supportive technologies, resource management, AI offers endless possibilities. Fontys ICT has grown into a specialist in training AI engineers and executing applied research in this technology. The Fontys knowledge center Applied AI for Society is, through the lectorate AI & Big Data, closely connected to the Fontys ICT InnovationLab.

Together, we work on the application of AI as a force for good. A technology that augments, enhances and improves our society and helps us build a future that is inclusive, sustainable and more vital for people and planet.

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Niek Schmitz Coordinator