Digital Twinning

The industrial process as we know it, is undergoing a transformation. Companies are digitalizing in a rapid way, making systems and processes smarter, more autonomous and data driven. Digital twins or digital twinning play a key role in an economy that transitions to what we call Industry 4.0, or Smart Industry. This transition, which demands a full digitalization of one’s assets and processes, offers a challenge for companies. It requires a specific approach that introduces novel technologies such as digital twins, while still operating effectively with older machinery.

Exploring the potential of Smart Industry

Digital twins as an application for smart industry, involves technologies, such as internet of thing, big data, artificial intelligence, and VR. By necessity, digital twinning projects have a focus on automation within existing infrastructures and processes. That means a need to explore the potential technologies can offer here and develop a smart plan for implementation. After all, every organization and business is unique and requires a new form of expertise in order to make the transition. It also poses new challenges, such as the security of cloud applications, intelligent management and regarding human-machine interaction.

As a partner, Fontys has the unique ability to match knowledge and experience with digital twinning and all necessary, novel technologies. This includes a long track record in VR/Extended Reality, cybersecurity and robotics, with a project-driven form of research and education and an ability to explore and learn about new techniques. And to explore and learn about new techniques?

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