30 May 2022

AI Garage #5: Can AI help journalism move forward?

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Journalism & AI

Journalism & AI

Journalism is under a magnifying lens in a digitalizing world. How does the discipline maintain itself in a world of algorithms, clickbait, fake news, deep fakes and online revenue models? And could AI help? That is the question Danielle Arets, lecturer in Journalism and Innovation, is concerned with. During the 6th episode of AI Garage she talks about it with host Erdinç Saçan.

Technical Update

Technical developments and a digital world in which information multiplies, but also becomes less tangible and realistic. The impact is big and Danielle Arets sees the problems the field faces: "Technology has a big impact on journalism and that has two important consequences. It requires journalists to acquire new skills and become tech-savvy. It also means that we have to look critically at the whole journalistic process and what role it has." This affects not only the existing field, but also education and research. In short, journalism needs a technical update.

Artificial Intelligence and change

AI and big data are already in full use. Not only in advertising, but also to better understand the readership and needs. This is essential, according to Arets: "We cannot afford as journalism to have a contemplative attitude. We have to be at the forefront and go along with these developments." Yet there is resistance and fear, for example when AI is used to take over the journalist's profession, for example by automatically generating reviews. Arets: "Every technology brings changes, but also opportunities. I am an optimist. We have to look at new possibilities that technology offers us."

Journalism and AI

The waning trust in journalism and science, the label 'fake news', traceability and accountability, a number of topics that come along in the conversation during the podcast. How can AI and big data help journalism in this? Can AI help unlock historical information and narratives? You'll hear more about that in AI Garage #6.

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