17 November 2022

Book 'Inclusive Artificial Intelligence' now available in English

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Erdinç Saçan, lecturer-researcher at Fontys ICT, wrote the book 'Inclusive Artificial Intelligence' in 2021. In the book, he interviews 40 experts from various backgrounds about their views on artificial intelligence and the future and impact of the technology. The first copy of the book was handed to board chairman Joep Houterman in February. Now, the book is also available in English for an international audience. The book is for those who are familiar with AI, as well as those who simply want to gain a better understanding.

Artificial intelligence is a technology with transformative power. In the applied research, within Fontys ICT, we experience it already has a huge impact on a wide variety of sectors. For example, in healthcare, where the need for explainable AI is very high. It is necessary to open a path for further implementation and reduce scepticism. There is also in nature management and biodiversity, automated driving and a large amount of other, innovative applications. Yet, AI also raises questions, and has also shown itself very capable of holding up a mirror that shows our own shortcomings and bias. Next to his teaching, research and prolific writing, Erdinç Saçan also hosts the podcast AI Garage, where he discusses these questions with experts, providing many new and throught-provoking insights. Much like those to be found in 'Inclusive Artificial Intelligence'.

By laying out the views of so many experts in one book, Saçan creates an accessible and catchy introduction into a field that encompasses so much. Both experts and those simply interested in AI will find in it insights, ideas and tools to better understand the technology and why it is so important to approach it from an interdisciplinairy approach. After all, AI touches everything around us. Still, technology can also be a 'great divider', and titled 'Inclusive Artificial Intelligence', Saçan maps out the big question for today's innovators: how do we deploy AI in a way that makes society better (and inclusive) for everyone?

Download your copy in PDF and/or EPUB here. If you want the Dutch version, look here.



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