3 November 2021

Experience your ecological footprint during GLOW

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Smart Mobile

Fontys students in the Fontys ICT InnovationLab, work together with business partners on authentic assignments. The group of student Luca Bülles started this semester with their specialisation ICT & Smart Mobile, and were approached by Atelier Vrijdag for an app that let visitors be part of their artwork: "The idea was a scavenger-hunt, where the user searches for different installations through the app. While searching, you experience the size of that footprint. The app turns green near an installation, within the scope of a feasible footprint. Outside of that, it's red. It's up to the students to design and set up that application - for GLOW 2021.

Working as a company

A few days before the start of the light festival GLOW the students work on the last bugs. For Luca this was the first mobile app he ever made, but the team works like a well-oiled machine together with the client: "There is time pressure, but we also want our product to be as good as possible. This doesn't feel like a school project where you tick off tasks. Early in the project, we gave a video demo of what we were going to do. That is exciting, because you don't have anything yet. As a developer, you also have to ask the right questions: What platform should the app be available on? What does it have to do? There is a lot to think about, but you also learn to justify what you do and the choices you make."

The name of the app is The Dutch Footprint, and it can be found in the Google/Android and iOS app store. Visitors to Strijp-S can use it to explore the facilities.

Working together and seizing opportunities

Luca himself likes the human side of the project, the interaction with the client: "We have daily contact with the Atelier and take them along every step of the way. We also suggest improvements. Sometimes they request a functionality, which we then create, but we also present our own proposal. It is great when you can convince your client with your insights into UX and user-friendliness." Meanwhile, the team also has a lot of contact with GLOW, which is very enthusiastic about the app and the artwork. The app makes it possible for visitors to feel part of the artwork, but also helps to convey the message behind the project.

Experiencing the Dutch Footprint everywhere

Hugo Vrijdag, founder of the studio and designer of the work of art in the public space, is very satisfied with the collaboration with the Fontys students: "The experiences with the students were very positive. To begin with, the teachers with whom we made clear agreements and assessed the feasibility. Their enthusiasm inspired confidence. Then we gave a pitch to the students, after which a group signed up. The group worked very hard with a lot of commitment and motivation. This team surprised us very positively. This also applies to the organization of GLOW, which was very pleasantly surprised that the app is ready on time and functions at all. Big compliments on behalf of Studio Friday!"

App used as a teaching tool

There are plans to further develop the app and to detach it from the location at Strijp-S, so that it can be used as a teaching tool in for example primary schools. After GLOW, Luca's team will get to work on this, he says: "There is even talk of the app being featured in the programme Klokhuis to promote it. We are eager to continue working on this app. It is very special to see that what you do as an ICT student can have such an impact."

Download the app here for Google/Android and iOS. This year, GLOW takes place from 6 to 13 November in Eindhoven. The app was developed by Luca Bülles, Stefan de Graaf, Max Kroeze, Shenghang Zhu, Rense van Stiphout and Matja Vojvodic.



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