6 February 2023

Fontys Journalism and ICT InnovationLab move into MindLabs

The time has come, they have moved in! On 6 February, students and staff of Fontys Journalism and Fontys ICT Innovationlab were allowed to move into their new learning and working environment. They were welcomed in celebration to their new building Mindlabs in the Spoorzone in Tilburg.

MindLabs more than a building

MindLabs is the new centre for innovative technology. Where education, research and business come together under one roof. The building offers all kinds of opportunities for meeting, inspiration and research. A dynamic environment, able to respond to technological developments quickly. The building also serves as a showcase in which tenants and partners can show what they do and what the latest developments are in their field. Fontys is pleased and proud of the realisation of this special project.

InnovationLab ensures progress

The Fontys ICT InnovationLab in MindLabs is thé hybrid learning environment of Fontys School of ICT in the heart of the Tilburg region. In addition, Fontys School of ICT retains its existing locations, like campus Stappegoor. Depending on the projects and topics students are working on, they will study at the location that suits them.

This is the second ICT InnovationLab of Fontys, besides the already successful location in Eindhoven at Strijp-T, in the heart of the Brainport region. Education, business and research become one in the InnovationLab, investing together in the future of ICT, media and innovation. The goal is to learn, innovate and shape the future together. In an environment where applied research shapes, improves and makes the world of tomorrow more inclusive.

Optimal environment for Journalism students

Within MindLabs, Fontys Journalism students can develop into autonomous and critical professionals. That is what the new learning environment is fully equipped for. The central news floor, surrounded by recording studios and editing rooms for audio and video, provides an open and realistic working environment. With the regional titles of DPG Media and publisher Zwijsen as upstairs neighbours, there is a potential for low-threshold cooperation. Its central location in the city provides an optimal environment for learning to work as a journalist.


MindLabs was built at the site of the former Hall 70. This former railway hall has been renovated and extended with new construction designed by Ector Hoogstad Architects. The steel trusses of Hall 70 have been reused in the new building. This brings old and new together. Construction started in August 2019 by Ballast Nedam South and BINX Smartility. The building was officially handed over on Monday the 30th of January. The public space is yet to be landscaped.

Other tenants

Owners of the building are Gemeente Tilburg and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Other MindLabs partners rent part of the building. Larger tenants include DPG Media, Onderwijsgroep Tilburg, Tilburg University, Uitgeverij Zwijsen and the MindLabs Association. After the move-in by Fontys and ROC Tilburg, the other tenants will follow in the coming months. When the building is fully operational, the official grand opening will follow.

Author: Judith Tollig

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