Description sub-theme

Here we look at the conditions of the InnovationLab. In terms of use of space, we look at the function of the place in relation to cooperation with the field of work and at the utilisation and occupation of the space. In addition, attention is paid to the financial housing costs and the way education and research are organised within the building.

Relationship to research question

This theme is linked to the third part of the main question: Under what conditions in terms of housing, finance and organisation, is the InnovationLab sustainable in the longer term?
This theme falls under research line C: spatial context. In practice, there is much coherence with research lines A (educational concept) and B (knowledge creation and transfer).

Target audience

All those directly involved in the InnovationLab and the external market were examined in this sub-theme: students, teachers, researchers, field partners, neighbours, the building owner and companies in the Brainport Region.

Research methods

We collected both qualitative and quantitative data using the following methods:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Photo analysis (snapshots)
  • Desk research
  • Occupancy & utilisation measurement
  • Fontys Campus Analytics

Insights and partial conclusions

Due to covid-19, it was not useful to take measurements regarding InnovationLab occupancy for a long time during the study period. On two occasions, just before and 'after' the corona pandemic, utilisation and occupancy measurements were carried out. These showed that the utilisation and occupancy of the InnovationLab is relatively low compared to the number of students who could actually attend at that time. In financial terms, it is quite costly to organise education and research in the InnovationLab, especially compared to other Fontys locations. It is important to intensify the lab's use of space in order to remain housed in the InnovationLab in the longer term.

The full insights and conclusions are not disclosed here. These are only insightful for those directly involved.

Underlying sub-reports

Throughout the research period, we wrote sub-reports. Below are the sub-reports covering topics linked to this sub-theme.

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