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Description sub-theme

Here we look at the identity and impact of the InnovationLab. To what extent does the InnovationLab contribute to the recognition of Fontys as a knowledge institution?

Relationship to research question

This theme is linked to the first and second parts of the main question: what impact does the knowledge environment realised by Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT (FHICT) at Strijp TQ have on the recognised identity of Fontys in the region as a knowledge institution?
This theme falls under research lines B (knowledge creation and transfer) and C (spatial context).

Target audience

We surveyed all those directly involved in the InnovationLab and the external market on this theme: students, lecturers, researchers, work field partners, the companies at Strijp T and companies throughout the Brainport Region.

Research methods

We collected both qualitative and quantitative data using the following methods:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Group interviews
  • Surveys
  • Observations
  • Neighbourhood and market research

Insights and partial conclusions

The InnovationLab is embraced by many for its innovative, open atmosphere. With FHICT's identity compass in mind, the values of 'pioneering' and 'joining forces' could become even more explicitly visible there.
Companies in the region welcome the InnovationLab because of its accommodation in an appealing business environment; it reduces the gap between education and professional practice. However, many continue to see Fontys primarily as an educational institution. By sharing knowledge more often and looking for connections with the professional field, Fontys could profile itself more as a knowledge institution.

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