Knowledge creation
& knowledge transfer


Jolijn gives a concise description of this sub-theme in the video below.

Description sub-theme

Here we look at how knowledge is created in the InnovationLab. How is it disseminated and what impact does this knowledge have on professional practice? We also pay attention to the research portfolio that is created.

Relationship to research question

This theme is linked to the second part of the main question: what impact does the knowledge environment, which Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT (FHICT) is realising at Strijp TQ, have on knowledge creation and knowledge sharing with industry?
This theme falls under research line B: knowledge creation and knowledge transfer. In practice, there is a lot of coherence with research lines A (educational concept) and C (spatial context).

Target audience

We surveyed all those directly involved in the InnovationLab and the external market on this theme: students, lecturers, researchers, field partners, companies at Strijp T and companies throughout the Brainport Region.

Research methods

We collected both qualitative and quantitative data using the following methods:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Surveys
  • Observations
  • Partner evaluations
  • Neighbourhood and market research
  • LinkedIn statistics

Insights and partial conclusions

Within the InnovationLab, knowledge is mainly created through collaboration on authentic research projects. Students work in project groups on real issues of Partners in Innovation and research groups. Knowledge gained is then shared with fellow students, lecturers, clients and other interested parties. This is done through project transfers to partners and other project groups, presentations at events and through digital channels. Due to the growing research portfolio, project management and transfer are becoming increasingly important. This process requires improvement: clear guidelines for 'proper' handover and an overarching project management system.

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Additional research material

In addition to reports, we published insights in various easily accessible ways, such as blogs, fact sheets and articles. You can find these here (in Dutch):

Onderzoek naar Fontys ICT InnovationLab deelt inzichten tijdens lunchmeetings

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