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Businesses and higher education are facing a challenge. ICT as a field of work is developing at an accelerating pace, making traditional methods redundant. Yesterday's knowledge is soon outdated, professionals and students need a new skill set for lifelong learning and development. Fontys ICT InnovationLab is a hybrid learning environment, where co-creation and cooperation facilitate broader knowledge creation and transfer, but also fulfil personal learning goals through shared learning.

Fontys ICT InnovationLab: the hybrid learning environment for ICT professionals

By stimulating research project-based learning in teams that consist of students, teachers, professors and business partners, we are creating a unique open learning environment that enables knowledge to grow. In this hybrid learning setting, each participant is able to form his or her own learning goals and work towards enhancing and expanding their expertise. By experimenting with novel methods, like shared learning teams, we strive to create the possibility for ICT professionals, regardless of their work field position, to keep learning, growing and innovating.



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Fontys ICT explores launch of new Lectorates
20 March 2023 Fontys ICT explores launch of new Lectorates

In the interplay between education and applied research, lectorates play a central role. Fontys ICT is readying itself for the ...

Fontys ICT launches Master of Applied IT
1 March 2023 Fontys ICT launches Master of Applied IT

On 7 February 2023, the first batch of students started the brand new HBO Master of Applied IT. With the start of a master track ...

Zora looking for the perfect match
14 February 2023 Zora looking for the perfect match

Fontys ICT registers Zora for the dating world in order to find someone she can make the right connection with.

Controlling public lighting with IoT
8 February 2023 Controlling public lighting with IoT

Commissioned by and in collaboration with partner company OpenRemote, Fontys ICT students have come up with a way to make the ...