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The ICT landscape is constantly changing and investing in innovation is key for competitive advantage. Several leading business cooperate and co-create within Fontys ICT InnovationLab as Partners in Innovation, united as SPARC. As work field experts, they submit research projects and work closely with students, lecturers and researchers on ICT innovations. SPARC members support and sponsor long-term research projects, initiated by Fontys School of ICT research groups.

Bringing business challenges to students and research groups

Companies from various industries are affiliated with SPARC (Sharing Platform for Applied Research Cooperation), the cooperation of Partners in Innovation who contribute, participate and support the Fontys ICT InnovationLab. The binding factor is their shared commitment to innovation as driving force for business, and prime contributor to a better, more inclusive and sustainable society. To help develop the future generation of ICT professionals as well as accumulate knowledge levels within the Brainport region, they supply practice-based research questions and support complex research projects, initiated by the Fontys School of ICT professors. In return, they benefit from the accumulated clout of expertise, creativity and energy of teams of researchers and junior-professionals, contributing to their business with the next ICT innovations.

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Partners in Innovation

In the third and fourth year of student education, intensive collaboration with the field takes place at the Fontys ICT InnovationLab for practice-based ICT research. In hybrid teams, the Partners in Innovation (PiI) work together with students, lecturers, expertise centres and Fontys School of ICT partner companies to develop talent and ICT innovation. Practice-based research from the professional field is the starting point for both learning and innovation.

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What is needed for succesful hybrid learning?
2 December 2021 What is needed for succesful hybrid learning?

Een fysieke locatie voor samenkomen lijkt erg belangrijk te zijn voor het succes van een authentieke, hybride leeromgeving. Althans, zo blijkt uit de resultaten van het doorlopende onderzoek naar de impact en ontwikkeling van het Fontys ICT InnovationLab tijdens het voorjaarssemester 2021, waarin na corona lockdowns weer (deels) fysiek onderwijs mogelijk was.

Does music help you run better?
23 November 2021 Does music help you run better?

Running is one of the more popular sports in the Netherlands. While running, we listen to music. Special playlists and apps support you. We collect data with wearables; soles, smartwatches and phones, but none of it really helps you to run better. What if we used all this data to help you run better and without injuries?

Experience your ecological footprint during GLOW
3 November 2021 Experience your ecological footprint during GLOW

The Dutch ecological footprint is more than 3 times bigger than what our planet has to offer. On average, that is about 5 hectares for each inhabitant, while there are no more than 1.6 hectares available if we were to divide it up fairly. To turn these abstract measuring units into a real experience, Atelier Vrijdag joined forces with Fontys students to develop a light art work at Strijp-S. Here, visitors literally search for the boundaries of their footprint.

Are we ready for care robots?
18 October 2021 Are we ready for care robots?

On Wednesday 13 October, De Heer Medicom visited the Fontys ICT InnovationLab to talk about robotics in healthcare. The company has a long history in automation within healthcare institutions and has been exploring the possibilities offered by domotics robots for some time.