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Fontys School of ICT students enter the Fontys ICT InnovationLab during their third and fourth year. At the Lab they join experienced business professionals and researchers to work on applied research projects straight from the work field. As junior-researchers, students gain direct experience as ICT professionals, learn business soft skills, and experience working alongside various stakeholders. But it's not just a learning exertion; students imagine, create and design the ICT innovations of tomorrow.

Develop future ICT innovations as student at Fontys ICT InnovationLab

As a Fontys School of ICT student, your learning process is not about sitting in classrooms and following lectures. You're in charge of your own learning goals, which you pursue while working on partner projects. At the Fontys ICT InnovationLab, you become a junior ICT professional, working side-by-side with experienced work field professionals with various backgrounds in research, business and other disciplines. Your projects come directly from our Partners in Innovation, leading companies in a variety of industries. This helps you prepare for your future as an ICT professional with the ability to keep learning and imagine new possibilities. It also provides you with the skills needed to function in diverse and international organizations, where presenting, reporting and collaborating are part of your daily tasks. Studying at Fontys ICT InnovationLab prepares you for a future in ICT.



Explore student news from Fontys ICT InnovationLab.

How do you create a Smart Industry Twin?
31 March 2022 How do you create a Smart Industry Twin?

What can a digital twin mean for an industrial process? The Smart Industry Twin project makes this clear for SMEs. Students built a digital representation of an automated production process in the Smart Industry Twin case study of the project. Teade Punter, work package leader and High Tech Embedded Systems (HTES) lecturer, and Mark Stappers of the Mechatronics & Robotics share insights.

FHICT Career Days
6 April (Tilburg) and 13 April (Eindhoven)
8 March 2022 FHICT Career Days 6 April (Tilburg) and 13 April (Eindhoven)

We are happy to announce we can finally organise a physical Career Day again in April!

Easier travel with the Covid Travel App
26 January 2022 Easier travel with the Covid Travel App

Travelling during the pandemic is sometimes a challenge. Finding out what exact measures apply in different countries is like a maze. Each place has its own rules, but also locating them on some government website can be daunting. Early on in the pandemic, student Martin Frenken and his team thought about this; could we make this easier? What if there was an application that brought together all the Covid-19 travel information? Fontys Hogeschool ICT students developed the technology of that app for you.

What is needed for succesful hybrid learning?
2 December 2021 What is needed for succesful hybrid learning?

Een fysieke locatie voor samenkomen lijkt erg belangrijk te zijn voor het succes van een authentieke, hybride leeromgeving. Althans, zo blijkt uit de resultaten van het doorlopende onderzoek naar de impact en ontwikkeling van het Fontys ICT InnovationLab tijdens het voorjaarssemester 2021, waarin na corona lockdowns weer (deels) fysiek onderwijs mogelijk was.